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GS curve products


GS Tube bending - example of porthole bendingThe specific feature of this kind of metal frames is that there are no standard measurement constraints.

The work can therefore be customised according to the customer’s needs, also as regards the type of colour.

Apart from the “round“ shape, the “elliptic” (oval) shape is also available, with variable width and height.

The work is done using aluminium sections of the “open joint” and “thermal cut“ type.

We build bespoke portholes for both building and nautical sectors.

Other bent products and processing methods

GS - example of tube bendingThe work produced by Gs curve meets a variety of bending requirements on customised sections and moulds, using suitable equipment for processing.
Thanks to the quality of the matrices, the work can be completed both on rough and already painted profiles.

The work approach of Gs curve, based on continuous optimisation, focuses on limiting to a minimum any deformation of the outlines to be bent, through a technical search for the essential point of balance between size of the outline and radius parameters.

GS - example of tube bending for windows GS curve offers a variety of bespoke bended products including:

  • arched windows
  • helical windows
  • windows for curved walls
  • windows for ships
  • windows for boats
  • bent metal profiles
  • bent frames
  • bent handrails
  • curved windows
  • round frames
  • arched Frames
  • circular windows
  • traffic signs
  • spiral staircases
  • curved tracks